Salon Polices

  • Covid-19 waiver 

         All clients must sign a Covid-19 waiver before their appointment.

  • No Kids

         We do not allow kids for their own safety, and they can become a liability. If client brings their children, they must reschedule or cancel appointment, which can lead to forfeiting their retainer fee they paid.

  • Consultation 

         A client who has NEVER booked with us or has not booked with us in the past 6 months must schedule a consultation with the artist to discuss their beauty service.

         *The consultation fee is a separate fee from all other appointments.

  • Appointment Cancellation  

           Appointments must be cancelled 48 hours before the appointment day. The client will also be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of their scheduled appointment.

  • Rescheduled Appointment 

           Rescheduling must be 72 hours before appointment date with 1 rescheduling accommodations before card is charged the 50% fee and a new deposit will need to be paid.

  • Late Appointments 

         If client is more than 15 minutes late with no warning the appointment will be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled along with a new retainer fee. 

  • No same day appointments 

      We do not do same day appointments as our books fill up fast. Clients can call salon to request a short notice appointment, but it is up to the artist to approve appointment. If appointment is approved, client must pay an additional $75 fee as a curtesy to the artist for opening availability.

  • Unsatisfied Customer

                  Customers only have while they are in our salon to let us know that they are not happy with their service. Once they leave, we are no longer held responsible, and they cannot get any further accommodations to satisfy their needs.

FAQ Hair Services

  • Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

Yes, all wigs or extensions MUST be dropped off at the salon at least 2 days before the appointment for customization purposes. If wig is not dropped off at the salon, the appointment will be cancelled, and client will lose the retainer fee.

  • Where can I purchase wigs and extensions? 


Please vist to select wigs and extensions. All purchases are perorder and must be placed no later than 2-3 weeks in advance.

  • I already have a wig/extensions, can I bring it in for my appointment?

If a client brings in a wig or extensions that is outside of our collection they must make sure wigs are HD or transparent lace before having a consultation with the artist. Client must also pay an additional $30 fee for bringing a wig/extensions outside of our collection. However, it is up to the artist if they want to complete the service.

  • Can I purchase a wig or extensions at the salon?​

No. We do not have any wigs or entensions for purchase at the salon. If client arrives with no wig or extensions on the day of their appointment, client will be charged a fee of 50% the price of their scheduled appointment and will need to reschedule with a new retainer.